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Had another 3/4″ or so through early this afternoon here at the house…many though to the NE of KC have had little or nothing and despite the impressive look to radar not all will get the rainfall today, as we continue to be in a NW flow regime which seems to have been the trend for a few weeks now.

Other areas of KS, especially have had a boatload of rainfall. Hutchison has had quite a bit overnight and are reporting flooded basements. The Wichita area has had a lot of rain lately as well, helping their drought situation

For us radar, is impressive but the rain is having a tough time pressing off to the east this AM, however there is a nice little low level jetstream poking right into the Metro area this AM and is forecast to continue to do so for a good part of the day. This may keep the rain alive through at least part of the afternoon (longer than typical) and allow the rain to creep a bit farther tot he east. Here is a look at radar from the NWS in Pleasant Hill this AM. This will automatically update throughout the day today for you.

At least as of this AM, you can see how the rain is having a tough time pressing to the NE of the KC area.

I mentioned the rain in Central KS overnight…here are the doppler estimates from the NWS in Wichita.

This week will be another tough forecasting week as we will be (at least for a few days) on the periphery of some decent heat. We may teeter into the 90s on MON and TUE depending on the amount of sunshine we get before a weak front slides into the region on WED. There will also be more opportunities for rain over the next few days, odds are though it may be a bot more scattered that the radar presentation above because it will be more connected to whatever boundaries are left over after today/tonight’s rainfall. This boundaries could serve as focus areas for renewed PM storms in the heat of the day. Monday’s cap is not that strong IF we pop to 90°+ but there are indications the cap could be stronger on Tuesday cutting down on the storm chances.

By the way, it still appears our chances of getting to 100° are not looking that good through mid August. How unusual is that? Well it’s certainly happened before, as a matter of fact it only took a second to discover that it happened in 2008 and 2009 (not getting to 100°) It also happened back in the late 90s if my memory serves. I don’t think many are complaining. I think I mentioned a couple of days ago that I used 32% less electricity in July this year compared to last year…so hopefully you too are saving some money on the power bills this summer.

By the way, IF we stay int he 70s today in KC, it will be our coolest temperature for today’s date in about 20 years. From 1991-1993 on 8/4 we actually had 3 years in a row with highs in the 70s. Interesting.

That’s about it for today. Good rains for some, but for others not so much. Have a great Sunday and IF your on the KS side, have a plan B ready.


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