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I’ve been filling in for KR this morning and I’ve been talking about just how old this weather is getting. It’s not surprising that many businesses that rely on decent weather are having a rough early Spring so far, especially compared to how things went last year. There is some good news for the weekend, temperatures will moderate a bit, especially by Sunday when highs surge into the 70s with strong south winds of 20-30 MPH, especially during the first part of the day.

Unfortunately just as we try to get adjusted to the warmth, another cold front will move on through and again take our temperatures in the wrong direction. Here is the forecast map for later Sunday showing the progress of the next cold front as it moves into the region.


This front should again set off some thunderstorm activity later in the day on Sunday into Sunday night…here is the NAM model showing the potential rainfall from 7PM Sunday through 1AM Monday

From there the front will then be pushed to the south and stall…probably near the I-44 corridor…as moisture overruns the front, it will be lifted and clouds are more than likely to hang through most of the week. This lift may also create some more rain on Monday, and more than likely TUE into WED. The front itself will try to lift northwards on Wednesday with the EURO model suggesting highs on WED as warm as the 70s SE of the KC area to the 40s in NW MO…obviously way too early to get specific so I tried to forecast a happy median after a cold TUE.

Eventually a stronger storm will move through the Plains, similar to the one this week that created snow to the north and severe weather to the east and SE of the KC region…another similar set-up is possible as next week unfolds…and there is even the chance of a few flakes on THU IF things fall into place.

This future storm next week will likely dump some pretty cold air into the region for the end of next week into the beginning of next weekend…heads up NASCAR fans.

Finally this AM..the drought. A LOT of you are asking me if the drought is over or not? At this point I say it’s still there BUT it has seriously been dented on the MO side especially. Not for all though as NW MO is still struggling. Essentially from the KC area E/SEwards the drought is mostly gone. Here is the latest drought information and keep in mind this DOES NOT take into account the rainfall on TUE/WED in the region.

There has been tremendous improvement in the drought statue. Obviously however we’re still not ALL there…especially again to the NW of KC and also down the state line into Cass/Bates county.

Now over on the KS side…where not surprisingly, while better is worse off than the MO side for the most part.

Again farther south and much farther west conditions are obviously worse than closer to home although from Miami and Franklin county westwards the drought is still considered severe.

Have a great Friday and I’ll update the blog again tomorrow afternoon!


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