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Well you can tell that we’ve definitely changed airmasses. A blustery Friday morning will be replaced by a breezy, brighter Friday afternoon as clearing skies gradually move our way over the next few hours. The farther E/SE you go, the longer you’ll wait for the sunshine, however. We should pop to near 60, if not above the farther north you go.

The rainfall from the front last night was pretty paltry ranging from most getting nothing to some on the MO side (E/SE sides of the metro getting a few hundredths to upwards of about 15/100’s).

The dry spell situation, after a real wet March is centered right on top of the metro, especially from KC southwards. There are some areas that have been pounded by rainfall off towards the N and E and SE of KC. So this is a very localized situation and there should be NO connection with something so localized to anything that will become a problem heading towards the Summer. Now if May/June dry out regionally, that’s a different story. At this point there is NO feedback between something so localized and what may happen in the summer around these parts. Let me show you what I mean.

Here is a broader view…

Now there is a lot of RED on that may, which indicates all the dryness through the corn belt and the TN/OH Valley areas…but remember that is just for the month of April. Here is a look since the start of the new year.

Not nearly as bad.

There really are at best slim chances for rainfall over the next 5-6 days. There is some thought to something happening rainfall wise later next week into next weekend on the GFS. There will be several weak waves moving into the Plains states over the next several days but they don’t look strong enough to generate rainfall of significance.


Finally, there will be a meteor shower over the weekend. The good news is that the moon will be new, which means that the night will be as dark as possible and we should have clear, chilly skies out there. So the viewing is set up to be good. The bad news is that this meteor shower is not the most prolific in producing things to look at. Here is some general information about meteor showers and more specific information about the Lyrids.

That’s it for today, enjoy all the great outdoor things to do over the weekend.


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