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Even though the weather today will be very nice, it won’t equal yesterday’s fantastic weather, not only in KC but also across the upper Midwest. Yesterday was certainly one for the record books, and while KC missed tying the record by 3°, St Joseph hit 64° for a new record, and Topeka hit 70°, also for a record high. We weren’t alone though, there were some 110+ record highs across the Midwest and western part of the country. Some areas across the Dakotas were more than 40° above average. In MN there has never been a day during the 1st week of JAN where high temperatures were 60°+, until yesterday when 3 cities went over 60°.

4 cities in the upper Midwest established ALL-time record highs for the month of January…including Fargo, ND and Aberdeen, SD. There were a few cities up there that were even warmer than Miami, FL (68°).

Changes are coming, and while the weekend will be cooler, we’re still looking @ above average temperatures for the next several days. As I mentioned yesterday, there will be an increase in the cloud cover on Sunday, associated with warmer and more moist air in the mid levels of the atmosphere streaming this way. There will be an upper level storm developing well SW and S of the KC area, as I mentioned the lower part of the atmosphere will be pretty dry so getting any precip is still doubtful to me at this point. IF the atmosphere saturates more than I expect then some sort of rain to pellets to flakes would be possible. At this point the chances are less than 20% I feel. Longer range there are still now snowstorms or rainstorms for that matter showing up. Starting to dry out again out there with the warm dry weather we’ve enjoyed, so when it rains or snows next, we’ll need that moisture!

This past Tuesday I talked about how the colder air would be arriving on the 11th and the 15th. The 11th certainly looks like a lock, and highs on the 12th look to be only in the 20s while lows on the 13th may dip into the single digits on the assumption of clear skies and light winds. Then another cold front will move through the area around the 15th-16th with another front after that. These fronts will have Arctic air associated with them, but with a lack of snowcover across the Plains and the Upper Midwest, this air will moderate somewhat as it moves our way. Certainly however it does look like a return to winter weather is coming starting later in the next week that should last for awhile. There may be a few moderate days in there, but it may be awhile before we soar well into the 60s again.

Finally a friend emailed this to me yesterday, it’s going to be a very difficult process to replace (we really can’t) perhaps the better phrase would be to fill the morning weather position…however there is a person that you may want to see. I’m not sure if his personality, energy, and passion for his job would fit in…but I’ll let you decide.

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