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Well that didn’t take long at all. If you’ve watched my weathercasts lately/read my blogs you know I’ve been keying on 2 things 1) Gusty and shifting winds and 2) Airmass changes.Yesterday it was wonderful, light winds and highs in the mid 70s. The 80s and for that matter the mid 80s were a stones throw away though, essential stretching through Emporia/Manhattan through much of the Plains states. Wichita made it up to 88° if I remember correctly.The winds, as mentioned were light though, and if we would’ve had a little more mixing, we too could’ve made a nice run closer to 80°. Today we have the wind and the airmass is warm aloft so as the sunshine goes to work, and as the wind stirs the air (with gusts to 30 MPH possible for awhile later this AM, we should see temperatures jump quickly. There is a weak trof, off to our west (basically a wind shift towards the NW) that should fall apart as it approaches our local area this afternoon. So the winds will stay from the SW all day I think.

Tomorrow the winds will switch from the SW to the NW, this means an airmass with colder origins will be progressing through the region. So as a result, highs tomorrow will only be in the 60s. Head of this feature, our dewpoints will not exactly be juicy, but between the front and a developing storm across the upper midwest, there should be enough lift to generate a band of showers in the late AM and early PM hours that will roll through. Rainfall amounts will be light (under 1/4″ and maybe under 1/10″) but IF we get some rain and with a howling NW wind ushering in cooler air, we may see temperatures fall into the 50s for a couple of hours, before that band of rain moves away. Behind the band of rain/clouds, reading should again pop into the 60s assuming everything moves fast enough.
This shot of chilly weather should last into Friday before FAST moderation begins FRI night and SAT. We should see a rapid return of the 70s over the weekend with gusty SW/S winds on SAT and SUN. There is a chance we could see another run towards 80° on SUN or MON.
As this is happening some rather cold air will be developing across Western Canada, that will need watching for sometime next week, and there is uncertainty how much of that chilly air will make it this far south. It will modify greatly because of the bare ground conditions, but still something that we’ll watch for you. It will be the coldest airmass of the month up there (by far) and those things can be sneaky in terms of how far south they penetrate.
Did you know so far this month the highest high has been 79° on the 1st and 3rd. So here we are in the middle of October and we’re finally going to crack 80° for the 1st time. Last October we hit 80°+ 9 times!
Have a great day today. A skirt alert is in effect ladies.

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