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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Drivers who just spent time and money washing cars over the weekend may feel like they wasted the effort.

Anyone who walked outside to a splotchy car, this is what happened.

FOX4 Meteorologist Joe Lauria said the storm system that moved into the Kansas City area Sunday night caused significant dust storms in western Texas.

The storm created a vacuum and carried all of that dust hundreds of miles northeast into the Kansas City metro.

The dust mixed with the rain enough to turn it into mud. The “mud rain” then stuck to vehicles, but it did not rain enough to wash off the mud rain.

“Dirty rain last night was caused by a dust storm Sunday afternoon in Texas/New Mexico,” FOX4’s Jacob Lanier said on Twitter. “That dust in the atmosphere was condensation nuclei for raindrops in the storms that tracked through Oklahoma, Kansas, & Missouri. Water is all evaporated now, so the dust remains.”

Just a warning if you plan to wash that car again: The FOX4 Weather Team warns there is a possible chance of snow as early as Friday.