KANSAS CITY, Mo. — So far this spring, we have managed to pick up good amounts of rainfall weekly it seems.

From last Saturday’s strong storms, we picked up an additional 1.23″ of rain, bringing the April total just under 2 inches. As of now, however, we are still lagging behind by over 1 inch.

Precip stats for April 2022 and the calendar year in Kansas City.

Even with a slower April in terms of rain, we’ve still see no signs of any drought conditions creeping into the immediate area.

Drought monitor as of April 26th, 2022.

The same can not be said for the western half of the country, and really anywhere west of Manhattan, Kansas.

National drought monitor for April 26th, 2022.

As of last Thursday’s update, only 34% of the United States has no drought designation at all, while the combination of severe and extreme drought areas make up 40% of the country.

Courtesy: USDA, NDMC, and NOAA

The continuing drought problem across the middle of the country is already creating wildfires in Kansas and Nebraska, expanding the growing wildfire season even more.

Red flag warnings will continue west of KC for many upcoming days this spring and summer.

Upcoming helpful rain should come later this week, and we’ll be watching Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Rain should start falling around the KC area very early Thursday morning, thanks to a stationary boundary settling over the area.

Future radar as of 4 AM Thursday morning.

On-and-off rain and storms will stick in the forecast all the way into the front half of the weekend, as the stationary boundary barely moves. A cold front and low-pressure center will finally kick everything out by Sunday.

Early estimates on rainfall put a bullseye of 1″+ of rain along that boundary north and west of Kansas City, but we should still see some beneficial moisture from this three-day round.

We’ll be watching the potential for severe weather during this stretch as well!

Early forecasted totals by Saturday