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Depending on where you’re at, temperatures have been either very cool or very pleasant most of Thursday morning. More sunshine off to the southeast has allowed things to warm up a bit more as well.

Areas in northern Missouri area under either a Winter Weather Advisory or a Winter Storm Warning. That’s how close many of us are to getting some significant late season snow.

Does that mean the metro area is exempt from snowfall? Not entirely.

Temperatures are expected to fall into the 30s overnight. While most of us stay above freezing, there’s going to be a rain/snow line that creeps closer to NE Kansas and NW Missouri.

As colder air moves in, precipitation winds down. That’s why a good majority of our area won’t see anything significant from this at all.

But areas that remain at or below freezing during this time will really catch some snow!

In northern Missouri, it’s starting out as a rain/snow mix. This will continue to change to full snow as the temperature gets closer to the freezing mark overnight. This is when the significant accumulation will occur.

The KC metro area isn’t expecting all that much snow. Temperatures will largely remain above freezing.

That doesn’t mean we won’t have any snow, though!

As the colder air settles in, a few light to moderate bursts of snow are possible. This won’t last very long, and most of it will melt.

Most of the metro north of I-70 will receive a dusting AT BEST. Of course, the further north you go where it’s a bit colder, the amounts start going up.

Keep in mind that this isn’t fully out of the ordinary for April. Something similar happened a couple of years ago. 

We’ll warm up quickly this weekend so don’t sweat the snowfall potential too much!