Wintry start to Monday turns to soaking rain for Kansas City region


It’s been more of a typical November day this morning with a cold rain and a wintry mix of precipitation. Rain, sleet, and snow have all fallen in a majority of our areas. 

The radar loop above from the last few hours looks like mostly rain and temperatures are above freezing, so what gives?

Most of what we’ve had this morning is sleet. Typically as you go higher up above the surface, air is much cooler. When that column is cold from top to bottom, we have snow.

Today we’ve had a warm layer of air that melts this before it refreezes and falls as sleet. Fortunately, this has mostly just accumulated on decks and elevated surfaces.


Air temperatures have hovered just above freezing, but those areas to the northeast where it’s a bit cooler and closer to the freezing mark may have to deal with the frozen precip just a bit longer.

Typically we cool off after sunset, so do we have to worry about another freeze tonight? The answer is this case is NO.

Notice temperatures above — we’re actually going to warm up. In fact, I think our high temperature may actually be closer to midnight tonight. Rain will be more widely scattered in nature later tonight.

Notice temperatures by 10 AM on Tuesday, we’re back into the 50s! This gradual warming will continue. Periods of moderate to heavy rain are possible throughout the day.

Even after 9PM, temperatures will remain in the 50s Tuesday. We may even deal with a few thunderstorms in the area at this point.  Some good, soaking rains are expected in a region that’s nearly 5 inches below average through this point in the year.

Over an inch of rain through Wednesday is expected, in some cases, over 2″ of rain may fall in a few areas, especially north of I-70. This will be a good thing for many areas that are dry.

While there may be a few slick spots this evening, just realize that will only improve with time, and we’re not planning on showing a different type of accumulation map just yet.

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