4Star Politics: A look back on a pandemic, elections and protests in 2020 plus hopes for 2021

4Star Politics
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February 07 2021 05:30 pm

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — From politics and protests to the pandemic and everything in between, we’re looking back on 2020 in this edition of 4Star Politics.

We’ve got a packed panel to break it all down. The Kansas City Star’s Colleen Nelson and Toriano Porter, Republican strategist Annie Presley and Democratic strategist Jason Grill join FOX4’s John Holt and The Star’s Dave Helling this week.

The year started out with a bang in Kansas City as the Chiefs sped through the playoffs to Super Bowl LIV in Miami. But just over a month after thousands of fans gathered for a victory parade in downtown KC, the St. Patrick’s Day parade was abruptly canceled by COVID-19.

Months later, the pandemic is still raging on, taking thousands of lives in the region and sparking heated debates. So how did this health crisis become so political?

Porter argues that it stems from an absence of leadership, whether you look at it from a state level or a federal level.

“I really felt like had this issue become a national rallying cry instead of a political issue, we could have done a great job of mitigating, I guess what you could say what you could say the outcome of what happened, which is lost jobs, lost revenue, we’re shut in, we’re shut down and general confusion,” Porter said.

But Presley argues the United States isn’t the only country struggling, and the administration received a lot of mixed messages at the start of the pandemic, making it hard to find the right response. Still, Helling said that excuse has an expiration date.

So now that there are mask mandates and restrictions on businesses and gatherings in many areas, what will it take to get the number of new cases each day to drop?

Grill said he doesn’t see another shutdown in the cards in Kansas and Missouri. Further restrictions seem to only be having a negative effect, he said.

So all eyes turn to the vaccine to offer some much-needed relief.

Porter said he believes it will be hard for the administration and other government leaders to convince many in the Black community and other minority communities to get the COVID-19 shot. After years of deception, he said, it’s asking a lot to put your faith in the government at this point.

Hear much more in the video player above on 2020’s hottest topics: the pandemic and the presidential election — plus analysis on Kansas and Missouri politics, the protests this summer in KC and nationwide, and the panel’s hopes and predictions for 2021.

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