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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Most of us can agree this country has some issues these days, and a familiar voice is joining 4Star Politics this week to bring a fresh take.

Kevin Kietzman, a longtime radio and TV sports reporter in Kansas City, joins FOX4’s John Holt and The Kansas City Star’s Dave Helling.

It seems fitting that Kietzman is talking about the latest political issues; after all, he’s recently launched his own podcast “Kietzman Has Issues” to tackle all things sports, politics and life.

The race for president

Let’s just get the subject everyone is talking about these days out of the way first: the presidential election.

Kietzman said the election has only shown us how divided this nation really is.

He argued we should make federal elections, specifically the president and Congress, much more regulated and separate from local races to cut out the confusion and finger-pointing. Putting everyone on the same rules, systems, equipment, etc. for these races could solve some problems, Kietzman said.

Helling added that there are other steps the country could take to help voting run smoother like moving Election Day to a Saturday or making polls open longer so more people can vote.

Still, if projected election results play out and President Donald Trump isn’t re-elected, Helling said it seems obvious that he’ll be back in 2024. But then when do we get younger Republican candidates in the door?

Kietzman also argued that Trump would likely win the nomination, but if he doesn’t win the race again, it would be an even more painful loss.

An ongoing pandemic

As the nation battles with record-setting COVID-19 cases, local leaders are grappling with how to contain the virus here in Kansas and Missouri.

Some hospitals are reaching capacity, and some schools are questioning whether they should return to online learning and delay winter sports.

With a sports expert on 4Star, Holt asked if leaders will face pushback if they try to cancel winter sports when the Kansas City Chiefs have 17,000 fans at home games.

Kietzman agreed, arguing that it sometimes feels like things are going too far. He said one person’s positive test has sent dozens on a football team into quarantine, canceling games.

Still, he believes we should all be following guidelines by wearing face masks and social distancing.

Hear more from Kietzman, Holt and Helling on the latest political news, pandemic perspectives and more in the video player above.

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