4Star Politics: How will Kansas, Missouri leaders handle COVID-19 restrictions, vaccines?

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — These days, the COVID-19 pandemic and political news are often closely intertwined.

Decisions about restrictions on businesses and gatherings, along with how new vaccines will be distributed, are all coming through our local and state elected leaders.

To break it all down, political consultant Stephanie Sharp and KCUR-FM’s Steve Kraske join this week’s edition of 4Star Politics with FOX4’s John Holt and The Kansas City Star’s Dave Helling.

Lawmakers in both Kansas and Missouri will return for legislative session in less than two months. COVID-19 will undoubtedly be a big topic for both states.

In Kansas, Gov. Laura Kelly and Republican lawmakers have been at odds for months over statewide mandates regarding the pandemic. Recently, however, as cases continue to climb at rapid rates, some counties seem to be coming around to increased restrictions.

But will lawmakers once again push to tighten Kelly’s power when the session begins? And will Missouri leaders also fight to maintain their local control?

Hear more from the panel on the subject in the video player above.

But the COVID-19 news that’s even more pending is the upcoming vaccine. Are Kansas and Missouri ready to roll out tens of thousands of COVID-19 vaccines in the coming months?

Sharp and Kraske said they have confidence in the governors’ plans. There’s a lot of pressure riding on these vaccines, and no politician wants to mess it up, Kraske said.

But Helling argued that Kansas has been struggling with unemployment for months now — a system they’ve had in place for decades. He said rolling out this new vaccine won’t be “all peaches and cream.”

Check out the video player above for more on the politics of the COVID-19 vaccine, talk on the Georgia runoff and much more.

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