4Star Politics: Recapping local election results and what it all means for Kansas, Missouri

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February 07 2021 05:30 pm

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Election Day is over, but election coverage certainly isn’t!

Although local races in Kansas and Missouri are more clear, the question of who will be elected president could take a several days to determine.

So this week, 4Star Politics is focused on the Sunflower and Show Me states with a packed panel to break down results and what they all mean.

KU Professor Emeritus Burdett Loomis, Bryan Lowry from The Kansas City Star’s D.C. bureau, Republican political strategist Annie Presley and Democratic strategist Jason Grill join FOX4’s John Holt and The Star’s Dave Helling.

The two big races in Kansas and Missouri that residents and political analysts had their eyes on went to the Republicans.

Mike Parson defeated State Auditor Nicole Galloway 57% to 41% to win his first full term as Missouri governor. He took over the position in 2018 after Eric Greitens resigned due to scandal.

The Republican governor campaigned on law-and-order issues and fought off consistent criticism of his approach to the coronavirus pandemic. But Galloway actually underperformed and did slightly worse than Joe Biden did in Missouri, Grill said.

Meanwhile, voters in Kansas elected a new U.S. Senator. Roger Marshall defeated Barbara Bollier 54% to 41%. Republicans haven’t lost a Senate race in Kansas since 1932, and in the end, Bollier didn’t get the margins needed in Johnson County and other suburban areas to compete against Kansas’ rural counties, Loomis said.

Looking at a state side-by-side comparison of Missouri’s governor race and Kansas’ Senate race, the urban and rural divide is, once again, obvious. It seems in these two states that the more things change, the more they also stay the same, Holt said.

Watch the video above for even more analysis on what these results say about the state of Missouri and Kansas politics today — and what it could all mean over the next few years.

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