4Star Politics: Get to know Kansas Senate candidates Brian Matlock and David Lindstrom

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas primary is less than two weeks away now, and this week on 4Star Politics, we’re talking about the big race for Kansas’ U.S. Senate seat.

FOX4’s John Holt and The Kansas City Star’s Dave Helling talk with Republican candidates Brian Matlock and David Lindstrom.

Then KU Professor Emeritus Burdett Loomis joins for a quick roundtable discussion on the Kansas’ Senate and 2nd Congressional races. Watch it all in the video player above.

Brian Matlock

Matlock is a name you might not have heard a lot about, Holt and Helling said, but this 11-year resident of Kansas City, Kansas, teaches at economics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

It’s his first time running for public office, and he’s starting with the U.S. Senate after feeling like other candidates weren’t addressing policies and ethics he wanted to see in the Republican Party.

But Matlock identifies as a Republican-Socialist, something Holt and Helling said might be hard sell for Kansas voters.

Matlock said his Republican-Socialist stance stems from not only turning away from big government but also big businesses. He supports local control and accountability.

“We need to start figuring out what is next and how to build past this partisan divide,” Matlock said. “And my hope has been that I can be working on those conversations and talking to real Kansans about what their hopes are for the future of politics in America.”

Hear more from Matlock in the video player above.

David Lindstrom

As a former Johnson County commissioner, Republican candidate David Lindstrom does have some past political experience. Longtime Chiefs fans will also likely recognize his name as he was a defensive end for the team in the late 70s and early 80s.

But he said, without question, facing off with the other Republican candidates for Kansas Senate has been tougher than lining up on the football field.

Earlier in the campaign, the Kansas GOP chairman called for Lindstrom to drop out of the race. Lindstrom refused, telling 4Star that Mike Kuckelman never asked him personally.

Now months later, Holt asked if Lindstrom thinks that decision will affect the vote and give the Republican race to candidate Kris Kobach.

“No I think I can affect the vote and hand it to Dave Lindstrom,” he said.

Then just this week, Sen. Pat Roberts endorsed candidate Roger Marshall to take over his seat.

Lindstrom said it seems like the Republican Party is afraid Kobach would lose the general election if nominated, so they’re throwing their support to Marshall.

“I tell those folks that what they need to do is vote for who they think will best represent the state of Kansas and this country in the United States Senate, and I believe, sincerely, that I’m that candidate,” he said.

Holt and Helling also asked Lindstrom about some hot topics in U.S. politics — do Americans need another stimulus package? And speaking of the coronavirus, should kids be heading back to school this fall?

Hear more from Lindstrom in the video player above.

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