Hundreds across metro continue to experience problems not receiving mail-in ballots

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — Election Boards across the metro are hearing about a lot of mail-in ballots not getting to their first destination.

The Jackson County Election Board has received hundreds of calls about voters who haven’t received their mail-in ballots, when the board’s system shows it was sent.

“It was concerning enough that people were going, ‘We’re getting calls from Oak Grove, Grain Valley, Blue Springs area,” Director Tammy Brown said.

Less than a week away from the election, Brown said the time to act is now.

“If they haven’t gotten it within the next four days, Thursday Friday, they need to be getting ahold of us because there’s a problem and we want them to vote on Election Day,” Brown said.

Brown said if you were expecting a ballot in the mail but never received it, then call your election office.

In eastern Jackson County., you will sign an affidavit stating you never received it – so people don’t vote twice.

“They have to sign an affidavit stating they never received it, never voted it,” Brown said.

Then, Brown said they back out the ballot. That means you now will be allowed to vote in-person on election day or qualify for absentee voting.

Remember, early voting does not happen in Missouri.

“If they did a mail-in ballot and they didn’t qualify for absentee, then we were able to back their ballot out and they were going to go to their poll on Election Day,” Brown said.

If you have the same problem and live in Kansas City Proper, the election board there said you can got to the office and fill out a secondary ballot to make sure your vote counts.

Brown also said they’ve been getting a lot of calls about voting at Arrowhead Stadium.

If you do not live in Kansas City Proper, then you cannot vote at Arrowhead on Election Day.

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