Top area Republicans and Democrats weigh in on election as votes continue to be counted

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas is traditionally a strong state for Republicans when it comes to who the state goes for in the Presidential Election. Kansas hasn’t voted for a Democrat for the White House since 1964 when Lyndon Johnson won the presidency. Kansas turned red again for President Donald Trump.

“The enthusiasm of Trump supporters, it’s amazing,” said Mike Kuckelman, Chair of the Kansas Republican Party. “They decorate their vehicles and show up in the parking lots and they have these parades. It’s been amazing in Kansas the level of support and the display of support. It has been remarkable.”

Kuckelman believes Kansans share Trump’s values, like his judicial appointments, are pleased with the economy and the low unemployment rate pre-COVID-19.

Kansas Democrats picked up votes that party’s votes in Kansas’ urban areas.

“I was pleasantly surprised on one of the early postings on the Secretary of States office, ” said Vicki Hiatt, Chair of the Kansas Democratic Party. “it showed that Biden was up so it was kind of sad to see that go away.”

Hiatt and Kuckelman both agreed that all-in all, the election in Kansas went very well, giving kudos to Secretary of State Scott Schwab. But just in case, both parties had attorneys across the sSate ready to deal with issues that popped up.

“We received a call from a voter that said I can’t vote because I’m unable to get into this particular polling place and so are lawyers were able to respond and help with those issues,” said Kuckelamn.

With Trump winning in Kansas by double digits, Democrats accept the results, but what does concern Hiatt is that more people voted for President than down ballot races.

“My message to voters is just to become more actively involved and informed on what’s going on at the State and local level because they are very important to what’s happening in your day-to-day life,” Hiatt said.

FOX4 also reached out to Missouri Republicans who did not have time for an interview, and Missouri Democrats did not reply to our interview requests.

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