You voted but did it count? Election officials urge mail-in voters to avoid these mistakes

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Voting will look different this year for thousands across the metro. Due to the pandemic many are opting to vote by mail.

FOX4 spoke with election officials about common mistakes that could cause their vote not to count.

In a year of unprecedented polarization there’s one thing that most voters agree on.

“If I found out my vote was not counted, I would be extremely upset,” one voter said.

“Very irritable,” another said.

“I would be upset,” yet another voter said.

Election centers across the country are bracing themselves for an enormous number of absentee and mail-in ballots

“So far this year, with three weeks left to go we have already processed more absentee and mail-in ballots then we did in all three of the last presidential election years combined,” Jackson County Election Board Director Corey Dillon said.

But election officials fear that some votes won’t count because of simple mistakes.

“The two most common mistakes that people make on a ballot that is mailed back to us is that they didn’t sign the back of their envelope or they didn’t get it notarized when a notary is required,” Dillon said.

A program called Voter View was created this year. It allows Kansas residents to track their ballot, and it notifies voters if they made a mistake. Missouri, however, does not have this type of program.

If you are looking for a place to get your ballot notarized, there are free notary events happening across the metro. To find them, search for Ballot Notary in the events tab on Facebook.

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